Nh.d is a design studio & creative workshop providing clever and thoughtful branding solutions.

Art Direction & Design

Design & Art Direction

Nh.d specializes in branding, art direction and conceptual design. We always provide customized solutions and fresh thinking while striving to push boundaries wherever possible.


Events & Workshops

We host small events and workshops in our studio space bringing together like-minded creative people. We also invite guests from a variety of backgrounds to discuss their work, share experiences and have engaging discussions on a chosen topic or theme. If you are interested in hosting or participating in an event, get in touch and let’s talk.

Design Intercourse Podcast

Design Interviews

Each month we interview local creatives and have candid conversations about what they’re making, what inspires them, and how they do it. The podcast is produced monthly and is available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Studio Workshop

Creative Work

We’re interested in creating work that challenges the way we approach design and making. We produce designs through illustration, screenprinting, woodworking and industrial fabrication. Our creative workshop influences all aspects of the studio’s practice.

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